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Awesome boy!

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Charlie Charlie - Carol and kaela

We got Charlie last Christmas. Our biggest boy needed a friend to play with! He is the perfect companion for all of us! It took Charlie a few months to truly feel like we are his forever family but he believes us now! Charlie is the one in the middle!

Still going strong

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Jasper (formerly known as Archie) Jasper (formerly known as Archie) - Dawna McCoy

We ran across the Pals for Paws adoption event in Noblesville in front of the Tractor Supply Company in 2010. There we found a cute Cocker Spaniel named Archie. He had been found wandering the streets of Kokomo with hair so long and matted you couldn't see his face. We adopted him that day, took him home and changed his name to Jasper because our neighbors had a white poodle named Archie. Our vet estimated his age at the time to be between two and three and not knowing his birthdate, my daughters made it July 4th. He loves going for car rides, getting pup cups at Starbucks and playing at Fort Benjamin Harrison Bark Park. Although he will be 12 (or 13) this year, Jasper never seems to age. He is a vibrant puppy in our eyes. He has never met and stranger and loves all. Although our three cats don't like each other very much, they all love Jasper. Thank you for rescuing him in Kokomo and bringing him to Hamilton County so he could find our "furever" home.

Christmas with my new family

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Dexter Dexter - Suzi

We adopted Dexter (in red) last February and he has been an the perfect pup for us. He loves everyone and loves to play with all his "cousins" when they come to visit. They were all rescues too! It took a while for him to realize Felines are Friends, not food. He now gets along great with out 2 cats, sometimes snuggling up to the orange tabby. He loves everyone who comes through the door. It's hard to remember life without him!

Forever Love!!!

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Bettie White Bettie White - The Ricottas

We adopted Bettie from Petco. She was Piper at the time but since we had a cat already named that we changed her name to Bettie White due to her colorful personality. Thank you for such a sweet lovable hugger. She's completed our family!!!!

Bonded pair of chihuahuas

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Piglet and Eeyore (now Fozzie & Figment) Piglet and Eeyore (now Fozzie & Figment) - Christine & Jeff Franciski

We recently lost two seniors (18 year old rat terrier and 14 year old diabetic min pin), but still had 3 dogs. We were looking to add one, but not another bonded pair. When we met these two, we couldn’t say no. They are a perfect addition to our pack and have almost mastered the doggie door to the backyard. Fozzie (the larger one) is already having fun wrestling with his pack, another larger chihuahua, a min pin, and a shiba enu. They are having a great time darting around their new yard.

I found my best buddy!

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Sassy Marie Sassy Marie - Jenilee Nixon

I moved from Canada to the US and didn't know anyone other than my in laws. I got home sick and lonely alot missing my family. It took me 3 years to convince my husband to finally agree that we should get a pupper. But i had to agree that it wouldn't sleep in the bed. So I found acouple of dogs i was interested in but everytime they had been gone before I could get to them. So I finally was going to get my dog. Got to the adoption day and the dog i was wanting was again gone. But then we saw Sassy. The staff informed us that she had been adopted and returned afew times. Once Sassy took my husband for a walk around the store he was done. We brought her home and she has been with me all day everyday ever since. Even though it has been almost a year she still gets anxious that we are going to leave her somewhere but we will over come that. And yes she slept in the bed the first night cuddled up with my husband as she does every night! Thank you to the staff for saving Sassy so I could adopt my little sweet heart. <3

Home Swet Home

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Dexter Dexter - Suzi and Bob

Mr Dexter came to live with us only 2 weeks ago, but he is a perfect fit for us. Housebroken, crate trained, can sit, shake, down and possibly stay. His little wiggle butt has problems with the stay part. He is a hound, so he is nose to the ground chasing bunnies whenever he can. He is also quite the escape artist, forcing us to stake down the chain link fence and bungee the gates! He loves his feline siblings and canine cousins to death. The felines aren’t really to keen on that, but he only sniffs and walks away. We can’t wait for warmer weather to take him walking on the trails near us. Thank you, Paws for Pals. Dexter is a sweetheart.

One Month with a Great Walking Buddy

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Cash Cash - Adriana Jones

We just celebrated one heartwarming month with the sweetest dog to have entered our lives. Cash was starved for affection and we were happy to shower him with love. He can usually be found nestled on the floor next to us waiting for a belly rub. He loves going on walks, even in the cold and snow. He has adapted so easily to his life in our home and we are so grateful for him. He has enriched our lives tremendously.


Puptails by Pals for Paws | Olivia (FKA Shepherd Puppy 2) Olivia (FKA Shepherd Puppy 2) - Hannah

We adopted Olivia in September 2013. She has the most expressive personality. She constantly keeps up laughing and has added so much joy to our lives.

5 yrs of love

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Linus and Lucy Linus and Lucy - Dorline Harris, Stacy Bayless

We adopted Lucy and Linus frim a litter of 6 puppies and a mommy that s lady in Kokomo was fostering for Pals for Paws. They are the lights of our lives. Not sure who loves who more.
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