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Sir Winston - Kimberly and Mark Ralicki

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Sir Winston  (AKA Linus) Sir Winston (AKA Linus) - Kimberly Ralicki

We lost our rescue dog Shiva to old age during the covid 19 lockdown. It took me 2 years to decide I was ready for another dog. I looked for 6 months for the perfect fit for our family. The problem is I have asthma and having covid twice caused me to be more sensitive. Instead of a rescue inhaler I am now on a daily inhaler and a rescue inhaler so I wanted a hypoallergenic dog or close. So ideally the perfect fit was a miniature poodle. No one would give me a chance though because I don't have a fenced in yard. Finally after 6 months I saw Linus posted. Mary was the one who believed in me and gave me a chance to provide him with a loving home. He is now Sir Winston and is an amazing little dog. We enjoy our 3 long walks every day (totals more than 3 miles each day), he loves to run through the house playing with his toys or chewing his bones, he cuddles with myself or my husband and his favorite place to sleep now at night is in bed with us. He still uses his crate on occasion if he feels the need to go in there but only if he chooses. He adores his groomer and even visits her if we go out of town and is treated like royalty there. No more kennels for this pup. He looks forward to the weekends when our son visits with his family because he has little people he can run around and play with! He is an absolute blessing. Thank you Mary Wilborn for believing in me!!!

Happy Berner- Rich & Toni

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Stevie Stevie - Toni & Rich Higgins

We adopted Stevie Feb 21, 2022. Mary was so accommodating and great to work with. Stevie is a one year old Bernese who needed training, structure, and a loving home. He found that. He loves our 5 year old female Bernese. They are best buddies. After 4 months he has adjusted magnificently and is a great addition to our home. Thank you Pals for Paws for choosing us among all the other applicants. We love him!

Living His Best Life

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Waylon Waylon - Don & Melissa

Waylon was about 15 months old when we adopted him from Pals in 2014. He will be 10 years old soon and is living his best life poolside in sunny Arizona. We tell him all the time that he's a long way from Pals for Paws! He's quite the character and has my husband trained to give him and our German Shepherd treats after dinner. He has made us black and tan coonhound fans!

The Best Boy

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Cooper Cooper - April & Jen

Cooper was born 2/7/11 and was adopted from Pals on 7/8/11. He was the best boy anyone could have ever asked for! He loved the couch life as well as car rides, playing with his friends & Sycamore. He was diagnosed with cancer in October 2021 and today 4/25/22 we had to say goodbye. He will be forever missed.

Boston Finds His Forever Home

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Boston Boston - Michael Butt

Boston and I adopted each other on Labor Day 2021. Although he had a rough couple of years in Louisiana he’s adapting well to his new home in Indianapolis. He’s getting used to his surroundings , loves long walks and is finally tolerating car rides. We visited Branson, MO in October and it was a bit of a stretch for him but now he is used to car rides that Jean fun instead of pain. He is also getting used to his older dachshund sister Biscuit!

The PAWfect match

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Ginger Ginger - Haley

I highly recommend Pals for Paws to anyone that is looking to adopt a new pup. The process to apply was super easy and Mary was very helpful. I actually applied for another dog, but after Mary looked at my interests on my application, she quickly matched me with a different dog. When I arrived, she had the PAWfect match sitting like a good girl. I got down and the puppy immediately came to me. She gave me kisses and I knew that she was the one for me. Mary went over all of the dogs information and answered any questions I had. I was even recommended specific vets to contact.

I found my forever friend at Paws for Pals. Ginger, my 1year old vizsla mix, is truly the goodest girl. Thank you a million!!!

Thanks for the life with Scarlet!

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Scarlet Scarlet - Abbie Alexander

I wanted to write in to let you know that Scarlet (the bloodhound who was with you in December of 2014) passed away this week after our 6 and a half years together since adopting from you all. As sorry as I am to be sharing this news, I am so grateful you all rescued her and gave me such a gift in adopting her. We since had moved to Oregon where we spent some time living on a college campus where Scarlet could soak up all the affection of students missing their own dogs. She has been the attention grabber every where we have gone and lived. She has been such a good, sweet, affectionate dog. Even on her last day, she was soaking up all the affection of our vet staff and people around her. Thank you all so much for taking care of her and giving us the life we had together.

Here is a picture of her hanging out with my grandma.

Our Sweet Baby

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Poppy Poppy - Kelly Brown

Our lab had passed away. A friend had told me of Pals for Paws and she talked with them on our behalf. We adopted Poppy at 8months old. While she is still learning she is a very loving dog. I can’t thank Pals for Paws enough for her!

rubbie (not good quality)

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Izzy Izzy - Grayson

Izzy... We got here from the Kokomo shelter we thought she was perfect.. BUT she is better than we thought. we call her rubbish now bc/ she lays by the trash cans all the time

Bear family lovable boy

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Will Will - Helen

We came to Petco to adopt a dog we found online. Pass for paws was there with a large group of dogs and puppies. We were checking them out when Will came bouncing through the door. My son who was 10 at the time said, there is. That’s our dog! He loves toys, carries whatever he finds around the house and brings it you. He’s a retriever mixed with we believe a springer spaniel. He’s a beauty and so affectionate.
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