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Update on "Cindy Lu" now Elizabeth

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Elizabeth Elizabeth - Maggie

Thank you again for introducing me to Elizabeth (formerly Cindy Lu). She is an amazing dog! I truthfully don't think I could have adopted a better behaved, sweeter dog. My office is dog friendly, so Elizabeth comes with me and is loved by all my co workers and has made quiet a few doggie friends! She plays the little sister role quiet well with my boss' 3 year old mini pom. It is adorable to watch them play! Attached is picture of her hard at work at the office!Thank you again for all that you do!


Update on Phoebe

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Phoebe Phoebe - Lela and Becky Bobick

Here is an update on Phoebe. Mary, please take note that this old dog is just a happy girl and all she wants is attention. Since she is small and cute and all small and cute things get their way, well she does too.
Thank you
Lela and Becky Bobick

Buster wishes you a Merry Christmas

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Buster Buster - Lien and Darrell Segler

Dear Mary -

We wanted to wish you and your loved ones a very blessed Christmas! This will be our first Christmas with Buster Brown, so that makes it a special one. Here's a couple of pictures for you of our baby. Thanks for all that you do!

Lien and Darrell Segler

Daisy (Kailey) Update

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Daisy Daisy - Sarah Schneider and Richard Fangman

We just wanted to send you and update and inform you that we had Daisy spayed at 5 months as we had promised during our adoption process. We are thoroughly enjoying having Daisy in our lives and want to thank you for helping us find her.

Sarah Schneider and Richard Fangman
(adopted on 2/20/12


Puptails by Pals for Paws | Splenda (aka Abigail) Splenda (aka Abigail) - Gaya Boyers


I just wanted to check with you all to let you know that Abigail (who we renamed Splenda by family vote) is doing very well. I've attached a picture of her in this email and I've written the little blurb below in case you felt it would be helpful to post on your website. I hope to bring her by a Petco Meet-n-Greet soon.

Gaya Boyers

Splenda (formerly known as Abigail) is doing very well. She's loved, cuddled and spoiled just as she deserves to be. Splenda showers her human brother and sister with kisses and follows her mom everywhere like a shadow. She's a wonderful addition to our family and we're so grateful that we met her! Thank you Pals for Paws.

Do you remember little puppy Baytoven - the boxer lab mix puppy,

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Baytoven Baytoven - Joy Farina

Hi, I am not sure you remember my husband and I - we came to pick up a great dane mix, but ended up with little puppy Baytoven 3 days before last Christmas. He was our daughter's Christmas present.

He has been absolutely the most fun dog in the world! He's extremely smart, so personable (is my little shadow, and even wants to jump up into our arms - what a goof!), and gets along with everyone, other pets included. He does like to hide his bones in the dirt in the backyard, and bellies up to the counter because mom has spoiled him a bit :) He obeys well and has truly become a part of our family!

I thought you'd enjoy his grown up pictures.

Joy Farina


Puptails by Pals for Paws | Patches Patches - Sharon Alumbaugh

I am a bit slow at getting you some pictures of Patches. He is doing pretty well on his house breaking... have to remind him to go potty before bedtime and as soon as he gets up.. Otherwise he goes in and out without telling him the rest of the day. He has chewed up several things and had to stay outside while we were gone in the evenings for a month or so. Bill is usually home during the day so he can come and go as he pleases and have some supervision. He is doing better now. Getting cold enough thought we had better try letting them stay inside again. Give him plenty chew sticks before we leave and they love to play with the squeaky toys and chase each other. He sure keeps Snowball exercised. His main problem seems to be the fact that he is a flea magnet I think. I have a flea collar on him, use the drops each month, use flea soap for his bath, have flea spray I use on him and he still has fleas running on his little pink belly . Any ideas you might have as to how to get rid of them would be appreciated.

Here are a few pictures we took while we were camping the other day. Sincerely, Sharon Alumbaugh


Puptails by Pals for Paws | Pacco Pacco - Lindsey Quinn


My name is Lindsey Quinn. My boyfriend and I adopted Pacco the Chihuahua a few weeks ago. I thought I would give you an update and attach a few pictures. He is settling in very well. He LOVES his big sister Gaia (the great Dane). They constantly run around and wrestle all day. He is such a cuddly sweet boy and we love him so much! He fits perfect in our family! I wanted to thank you guys for what you do and for letting us adopt him. He is such a quirky funny little guy with a huge personality and is great entertainment! Keep up the great work!!

Pacco Taco's mommy and daddy :)
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