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Leading the way.

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Huxley aka Ray/Sarge Huxley aka Ray/Sarge

Huxley (aka Ray/Sarge) is doing wonderful with his Momma and sister.

Room to Play

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Charlie aka Screech Charlie aka Screech - Jennifer Seal

Formerly Screech, now Charlie, is loving his new home! He has all of the room he needs to play fetch ( his favorite game). And best of all, his mange is almost completely cured! Thanks again for all you do!

Time Flies By

Puptails by Pals for Paws Alexandria Sippel

I adopted this beautiful baby girl from Pals For-Paws and she is a blessing. I couldn't have asked for a better puppy. She is 4 and a half months today. I have already has her for almost 3 months. It is crazy where the time goes. She is such a blessing and I am so thankful for this animal rescue! Thanks you


Puptails by Pals for Paws
Thank you for posting the picture and information on Oakley. We have her home with us and signing her adoption paper work Sunday!!! We are absolutely in love with our new little lady and her brother Gunner loves her too!!!!

Foxy...now known as Maverick

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Maverick Maverick - Alex

I wanted to give you all an update on Foxy...now known as Maverick. I adopted him back in October from the event you all did with Q-95 I believe. Anyways, things couldn't be better. Maverick loves his new home. I can't imagine my life without him. He loves to run around and play and of course he is always excited when I come home from work everyday.
Maverick quickly became part of not only my life but the lives of everyone around me, my parents (and their dogs), roommate and friends...I seriously think people come to see him more than they do me. He absolutely loves to snuggle up next to people and he loves to play with his stuffed frog!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to such a sweet and loving dog!
Best Wishes, Alex (and Maverick)

Our New Little Sister

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Kimber Kimber -

We love our new little sister! She has brought out the puppy in ALL of us!

Gabe and the cat.

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Gabe Gabe - Nerdie Griffin

As you can see I am terribly abused at my new home. They make me share the comfy leather couch and warm blankies with this orange thing.

Quite the Pair!

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Gertrude & Lilly Gertrude & Lilly - Calt Pearcy

Gertrude and Lilly have become quite the pair! They're inseparable, playing and snuggling up all the time. Gertie has just recently mastered how to shake and give you 5, Lilly just looks at you like 'You want me to what?!' LOL

On another note, I love love love seeing the happy pictures of the newly adopted pups and family!

Bella aka Punky

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Bella Bella - Rachael Weyers

Bella...aka Punky....is doing wonderful in her new home! She is an energetic and curious girl who loves her new sisters (human and animal). She is learning the rules and challenging me to be a better mommy. Our house got much more lively....and loud.

The Navigator

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Sawyer Sawyer - Alaina Keller

He used to be Marley but I changed it to Sawyer. He is my little navigator! He's doing great and going to doggy daycare to get rid of some of that puppy energy he has!
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