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Best Dog Ever!

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Bentley Bentley - Jennifer Guinn

Our family rescued Bentley in Oct 2010. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving our family the most caring, playful, well behaved dog! He has been a part of our family ver since and Bentley now lives in the San Antonio TX area! He loves the warm weather! ;)

Deathrow to a couch in the suburbs

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Harley Harley - Dave, Michelle, Dawson and Dominic

Harley was waiting for us on a very cold snowy day in January at Petco. We learned that Harley had been on deathrow in an animal shelter in Rensselar, IN. His owner had surrendered him due to "puppy biting".

Everything was a new experience for Harley - a leaf blowing down the street, jumping in the snow, seeing a bug. At 1 1/2 years old he had seeminly never experienced any of these things.
Harley certainly had his share of behavior challenges but as a family we have worked through them.

Harley enjoys hiking, boating, going for car rides and tagging along the many family adventures we have. Having him join our family helps me to take walks every day and he absolutely loves marking every mailbox along the way.

The picture posted is after a hike in Northern Indiana - he was COVERED in burrs and had an awesome time (did not like the brushing later that night though).

Update on Watson

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Watson Watson - Mandy

It is hard to believe we have been blessed with Watson for 6 months! He has brought so much laughter and love into our lives. He has always been cute but has grown into such a handsome guy. He is a clown but sooooo smart! He is a true "working dog" and has excelled in obedience and tricks classes. He seems to have a drive for agility. Once he gets a little older, we will see how he does. We just keep enrolling him in classes because he loves to learn new things! He adores his older boxer sister, loves the bark park, chasing and treeing the squirrels in our backyard, and burrowing under the covers to sleep. Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives and for all you do! We hope is siblings and momma found homes that love them as much as we love Watson!!


Puptails by Pals for Paws | Miles (formerly Duke) Miles (formerly Duke) - Janelle & Ryan McDonald

We adopted a 2nd little guy from you in February 2014. Miles (formerly known as Duke) was one of the Beagle pups that you rescued from a high kill shelter. He was so timid and shy at first and it took some time for him to adjust to life with his two hound brothers. But now he is happy and healthy and loving life! He is the sweetest pup and follows us everywhere. We just moved into a house with a big backyard and he loves to run and play with his brothers. Thank you so much for rescuing him...we owe two of our fur babies to Mary and her team's hard work and dedication to saving the lives of so many pups!!

Wonderful Puppy!

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Teddy Teddy - Donna, Fred and Carl Mower

We brought Teddy home in February at about 4 months old. He is not only the cutest puppy but very smart. He has moved right in and adapted well. Perfect choice for this family. Thanks for bringing him to us!

Annabelle Car Rides!

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Annabelle Annabelle - Stephanie

Here is Annabelle. She has been a part of our family for 4 months. She loves car rides, being outside, and playing with us. She is doing great! Thanks Pals for Paws! We love our sweet girl!


Puptails by Pals for Paws Melissa

Update on Waylon ~

Waylon is doing great and celebrating one month as a member of our family. He enjoys many walks, playing with his toys, especially tennis balls, and running around playing with our son in our newly fenced in yard. I thought you and the Pals for Paws team would enjoy this photo of him in his home testing out his dog bed. We are so glad he picked us. Thank you to you and the team. You do such good work.

Update on Angel aka Ally

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Ally Ally

Up-date on Angel ~

Just wanted to give you an update on Angel. We have renamed her Ally and she's been doing great!! She is now coming out of her shell and getting more comfortable. She's very playful and extremely loving. I've attached some pictures of her. We are so blessed that she's come in to our lives and what you guys do is unbelievably great! We can't thank you guys enough!

Update on Keke (now Brindle)

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Brindle Brindle

I want to share an update on KeKe, now "Brindle". She is such a sweetheart and is adjusting very well. She is very smart and is learning her boundaries and commands very quickly! She is very calm and chilled out but once she gets outside it is definitely play time and loves to be chased around. She loves car rides and walks great on a leash and is a great jogging buddy After only two weeks, she doesnt need the leash to go out to potty and play, she stays in our yard, supervised of course. We are thankful to have her in our family

Road trip!

Puptails by Pals for Paws | Zoe Zoe

Update on Zoe ~
She was great in the car, but I think she did start missing Mary. On our way home we stopped off at Ball State to see my daughter, and was fully fussed over by all the coeds. She loved all the sights and smells of college. Then we took a walk to the village so Tink could do her business. It tired her out so she slept some. She kept waking up and looking out the window and then at me "are we there yet?" Shes sleeping now. Thank you for our new girl! I'll keep you posted!
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