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PetCo Foundation

Pet Co in Carmel, IN

Pals for Paws holds pet adoptions every Saturday at the Petco Carmel 2208 East 116th Street, from 12:00 until 3:00. Stop in and meet your new companion!

268 East Alto Road Kokomo, IN
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Kroger Community Rewards

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Adoption Day is Saturday!

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12/31/2017 - Noon- 3 p.m.
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Saving Lives, One Animal at a Time

Fostering Pets for Pals for Paws

Pals for Paws, Inc. will provide food, supplies and medical care.  You would need to provide lots of love and attention for our rescued pets. There are few things more rewarding than giving a homeless pet a warm loving home while they are in a transition period. A pet in foster care has a greater chance of being adopted because more behavioral information is available before placing them with forever families. Foster pets receive more attention, socialization, and training while in foster care.  This makes the transition much easier for the pet.  In turn, greatly the pet's chances of staying adopted and not being returned to rescue are greatly improved.  We believe the foster family plays an important role in the adoption process.  Thank you for making a difference.
Please complete the Foster Application. We can not process partial applications. Once your application is complete, press the "submit" button. You should see a "Thanks for your submission" message. If not, please try again. If you do not hear from us within 48-72 hours, then contact us to confirm receipt your application by emailing us. 

Foster Application
Spouse/Partner's Name Age
Children living at home?/ Ages
Cell Phone (ex. 000-000-0000)
Work Phone (ex. 000-000-0000)
Home Phone (ex. 000-000-0000)
Employed by?
Spouse Employed by?
Current Address
City, State, Zip
Do you live in a house, apartment?
Do you rent or own?
If you rent, do you have permission from your landlord to foster?
If yes, please provide their name/number
Do you have a backyard?
Is it fenced?
What type of fencing is it? chain, wood, brick, or other?
How high is your fence?
Previous address:
Please provide three personal references (max of one family member) and your veterinarians Info
Veterinarian's Name
Veterinarian's Phone
Do you have other pets? If yes, please list them. Include type (cat,dog), breed, age, gender (male/female)
Are all your other pets up to date on vaccinations?
Are all of your other pets spayed or neutered?
Are all of your other pets on heartworm preventitive?
Does everyone in your household agree to fostering an animal? If no, please explain who is not agreeable and why
Will the pet be left alone during the day? If so, for how long?
Where will the animal spend most of its time? (House, garage, basement, outdoors, etc.)
If the animal will spend most of its time outside, do you have a kennel or a doghouse for shelter? Is it heated?
Have you ever foster-cared for an animal before? If so, for what agency?
Agencies name/Number
Do you prefer a to foster a dog or cat, or do you have no preference?
Do you prefer to foster a male or a female animal, or do you have no preference?
Are you will to provide transportation for the animal to and from veterinary appointments?
Are you will to provide transportation for the animal to and from adoption events?
Are you will to provide for a "special needs" animal? Are there medical conditions you would be unable to handle?
Can you provide foster care for the animal until a "forever home" can be found? If no, what is your maximum timeframe?
Do you understand that we may not know the complete history of a rescued animal?
Would you be willing to work with Pals for Paws to correct any behavior problems an animal in your care may have?
By submitting this foster application, I certify that the information I have provided is true and accurate.
I agree that a member of Pals for Pals may check my references and visit my home before approving or not approving my application.
I understand that while I am fostering an animal, Pals for Paws may call to check on the welfare of the animal or ask to stop by and visit. I agree to make time for such visits given advanced notice. If I stop being a volunteer for Pals for Paws Animal Rescue Shelter for any reason or upon the Shelter’s request at any time, I will promptly return all of the Shelter’s supplies, equipment, records, moneys, and other items in good clean condition.
I understand that Pals for Paws will cover the cost of pre-approved veterinary expenses, food, crates, and bedding. Treats and toys are not covered expenses.
I promise to take good care of any animal placed in my care.
I recognize that by submitting this foster application online I am agreeing to the terms of being a foster parent as provided to me by Pals for Paws.
  CAPTCHA image
Type the letters from the image. *

Please understand that not all foster applications are approved. Pals for Paws reserves the right to deny an application for any reason and at any time during the fostering process.
Here's a great way to spare a cat or dog from euthanasia without making a lifetime commitment: BE A FOSTER PARENT!