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PetCo Foundation

Pet Co in Carmel, IN

Pals for Paws holds pet adoptions every Saturday at the Petco Carmel 2208 East 116th Street, from 12:00 until 3:00. Stop in and meet your new companion!

268 East Alto Road Kokomo, IN
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Doris Day Animal Foundation

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Saving Lives, One Animal at a Time

Adoption Application

Please take your time and fill in the application completely. Partial applications can not be approved. Once your application is complete hit the "submit" button. You should see a "Thanks for your submission" message. If not, please try again. If you do not hear from us within 48-72 hours then contact us to confirm if we received your application.  Click to email us.  

Adoption Application
Animal's Name
Own or Rent?
Fenced-in Yard?
Home Phone (ex. 000-000-0000)
Work Phone (ex. 000-000-0000)
Cell Phone (ex. 000-000-0000)
E-mail Address
Number of Adults in Household?
Number of Children and Ages?
Other Pets? Type, Gender, Age?
Have you owned a pet before?
Where did you get your pet?
What happened to it?
Do your children have experience with pets?
How will your pet spend its time outside?
How will you discipline your pet?
Taken an animal to the Humane Society? Why?
Why do you want to adopt this animal?
These are questions about the pets you have now or have had previously. Your veterinarian will be contacted as a reference. A vet reference is required. *
Veterinarian Name:
Veterinarian's Phone Number:
Pets spayed or neutered?
Vaccinations current?
Pets on heartworm preventative?
Are they inside or outside pets?
How did you hear about this pet?
Additional Information you would like us to know:
I understand that I am responsible to have my pet spayed or neutered by ______________________.
By submitting this adoption agreement online, I consent to a pre-adoption visit by a member of the Pals for Paws staff and to follow-up visits or phone calls to check on the welfare of this pet.
By submitting this adoption application online, I give my consent to Pals For Paws/my listed vet to discuss any and all pet health record(s) on file.
I agree that if, FOR ANY REASON, I have to give up this pet, I will contact Pals for Paws, Inc. so that they may find it a new home.
I certify that the information I provided is true and correct. I understand that Pals for Paws, Inc. has the right to approve or deny this application in accordance with its policy.
I understand that if I change my mind about adopting this pet, my adoption fee will be refunded ONLY IF I notify Pals for Paws within 72 hours (3 days) of its adoption.
I understand that if my adoption fee is not paid and I refuse to make good on the payment that Pals for Paws will have no choice but to come and reclaim their animal. I agree to surrender this animal if I am unable to make good on the adoption fee
Signature and Date _________________________________________________________
Pals for Paws Staff Only
Not Approved
Adoption Fee
Pals for Paws Staff Member Signature _____________________________________________________
  CAPTCHA image
Type the letters from the image. *

Please understand that not all adoption applications are approved. Pals for Paws, Inc. reserves the right to deny an application for any reason.

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