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PetCo Foundation

Pet Co in Carmel, IN

Pals for Paws holds pet adoptions every Saturday at the Petco Carmel 2208 East 116th Street, from 12:00 until 3:00. Stop in and meet your new companion!

268 East Alto Road Kokomo, IN
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Our Success Stories

On this page you will find some of the stories on our toughest rescue animals which are now some of our greatest success stories. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the families who opened their hearts and homes up to these needy animals. Without you these animals would have surely become a statistic.


In October of 2012, Pals For Paws rescued a 10 month old dog named Abraham from a high kill shelter in Kentucky. He had been hit by a truck and no one wanted to adopt him because he had two broken legs, a broken hip, and a broken pelvis. He had surgery on October 25th and his front leg had to be amputated. In December of 2012 The McDonough family saw beyond Abe's medical issues and adopted him into their family. Pals couldn't have found a better family for him if we tried. Visit For The Love of Abraham to see more beautiful pics and to learn more of his story.
Abe BeforeAbe After


Will was pulled from Chicago Animal Care and Control emaciated, and with the most severe case of demodectic mange we have seen. He had no fur left and bled when he was touched. His entire body was a scab. His feet even bled when he walked. Dr. Brown showed me this pathetic little boy trembling in his cage. He asked me if we would be willing to help him. That was the first day of the rest of his life!  At 4 months of age he certainly had never known anything other than pain and suffering. When I arrived home with Will, Mary came and we gave him his first medicated bath and a bowl of food. He inhaled the food, drank nearly a bowl of water, and curled up in his little bed she brought to him. We named him Will because that was the only thing keeping him alive, the will to live. He spent two weeks at Parkside clinic receiving the medical attention he needed to save his life. They took amazing care of him, giving him daily baths to clean away the scabs and help heal his skin. He came back a happy and playful puppy with eyes full of life!           Rebecca Stevens from Hamilton County Humane gave him a sweater to help keep him warm as he did not have any fur.  We now know he will be a very
handsome tan boy with some white markings. 


This sweetheart was rescued from a county road in Tipton, Indiana.

HENRY & PETEY Story by adopter, Bob Wolfram McCordsville, Indiana

I lost my yellow lab and best friend Annie in July of last year, and after a couple months I was ready to find a new companion. I only adopt rescue dogs and I came across Pals for Paws on the web. Through them I found Henry, a handsome looking Chocolate Lab/Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. He settled right in with me and has been a great new companion. Not long after that I bought a house with a fenced in yard and decided Henry needed a friend. Once again Pals had the perfect dog for me, Petey. Poor Pete had been in foster care for months. He has some pit bull in him, among other things, a bad eye, and a scarred face. I guess nobody wanted him because he looked pretty rough. Pals never gave up on him and I finally came along. He is the sweetest little guy and he and Henry are like peas and carrots, brothers from day one. They are both so thankful to have a home and never be in a shelter again. Over the years I have been acquainted with a few other rescue groups, but Pals for Paws takes it to another level. Mary Rouse and her group of volunteers and foster parents work tirelessly to save as many animals as possible. Every Saturday they are at Petco in force with many pets up for adoption. One of Mary's volunteer foster parents, Annie Robb was both Henry and Petey's foster mum. She took excellent care of them, and I am forever grateful to her, Mary, and Pals for Paws.


Chi Chi and Ginger were rescued by Pals for Paws from a family that made them live outside 24/7 here in Indiana we have very cold winters however they lived outside for 3 years. Pals for Paws fully vetted and groomed them and put them up for adoption and they were adopted in less than 2 weeks!! Their new family said they will never have to worry about being miss treated ever again.  The pin they lived in 24/7.